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О проекте

Robot-artist is an interactive urban installation project, created owing to the cooperation of Rosbank and a range of companies.

The robot’s mission

The robot’s mission is to paint two pictures in public with the participation of people, as well as to draw public’s attention to the synthesis of new technologies and art.

The robot is programmed to an artist-impressionist. The technique of various colourful touches, which is typical for impressionism, has inspired Rosbank and its partners to the idea of making people co-authors of the picture. Any person will be able to help the robot in creating a masterpiece and to make his «colourful» mark in cutting-edge art. To join the project it’s enough just to come to the robot’s workshop in Sokolniki Park.

The camera installed in the photo area will scan the clothes’ colours and transmit the information to the robot. And the robot will start to draw!

The hardest thing was to teach the robot to hold the brush, like Monet, − for this purpose, Hello Computer specially invited a real artist, who spent long hours to apply touches, simulating the movements of the robot. It was even tougher to cope with the emotional intelligence of the robot – it’s a creative software! It turned out that the robot-artist can behave the same way as a human-artist – once during the testing it crossed out almost completed picture. Apparently, he was not completely satisfied with the result!

The robot draws according to a scheme determined in advance: its base is loaded with photographs processed in the filter of impressionism. Each picture has 42 colours and its own map of dabs. The robot scans people's clothes’ colours and applies touches of an appropriate colour to certain parts of the map. For one picture, the robot needs 2 litres of paint and 40 hours of continuous work.

The workshop for the robot-artist – a giant glass cube – was built by the "Ruedo" company. It is a complex engineering structure that provides the «artist» with comfortable climate and security. The construction took 1000 metres of pipe, more than 30 square metres of glass, and the total weight of the structure is 5 tons!

The project was supported by information partners